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Germany’s Merkel condemns Iranian Holocaust conference

12. Januar 2009


Chancellor Angela Merkel strongly condemned an Iranian-hosted
conference debating whether the Holocaust occurred, declaring Tuesday
that her country „will never accept this.“

„I would like to make clear that we reject with all our
strength the conference taking place in Iran about the supposed
nonexistence of the Holocaust,“ Merkel said at a news conference
alongside Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
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„We absolutely reject this; Germany will never accept this and will
act against it with all the means that we have,“ Merkel said.

Olmert met with Merkel on Tuesday afternoon, following a
three-hour unannounced meeting on Monday night. The Prime Minister’s
Office said the two had discussed Iran and the Palestinians at the
Monday night meeting.

Earlier Tuesday, Olmert headed to Berlin’s Grunewald train
station to speak in a ceremony at Track 17, a memorial to the Jews who
were deported from the train station to ghettos and concentration camps
in the east, as part of an official visit to Germany that began on

„Woe to the weak and the defenseless; woe to those who do not
believe those who threaten to destroy us,“ Olmert was expected to say
in his speech – significant comments in light of the threats being
heard from Teheran.

„Woe to the apathetic who don’t prepare themselves to thwart
every danger; woe to those who harbor false illusions…and who
rely on the grace of foreigners.“

Olmert was to also set to meet German President Horst Koehler later in the day.

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